DORS Home Care: Taking Action for Our Raises while Rauner Proposes to Eliminate Them

Today, we took action in Chicago calling on Bruce Rauner to have a heart this Valentine’s Day and release our $.48/hour raises! 

As you know, the General Assembly passed a budget last summer that included these raises for Personal Assistants and they were set to take effect on August 5, 2017. Governor Rauner refused to pay the raises though and we filed a class-action lawsuit to force him to follow the law. 

Today was another hearing in that court case and we were there to make our voices heard. Check out photos from the event on our Facebook page here.

PAs and consumers spoke out to share the hardship this delay has created – from less food on the table for PAs, to consumers who have lost workers because they cannot support themselves on our wages. 

Then, after our action Bruce Rauner presented his FY 2019 budget proposal. Believe it or not, Rauner is proposing to eliminate our raises altogether in that budget proposal!

You read that right – Rauner has proposed to eliminate our raises altogether in his budget!

This is unnacceptable and we aren’t backing down. 

Turn out to one of our statewide membership meetings scheduled for Saturday, February 24 to discuss our next steps – click here to view all the details. 

While we await a decision in the court, we will keep the pressure on Rauner publicly over our raises, his terrible overtime policy, and the change in pay dates. 

Our union is the only thing standing in the way of Bruce Rauner’s horrible policies, and we refuse to let him take us backward.

Let’s keep sticking together and fighting back! Join us at a membership meeting on Saturday, February 24 and get involved. 

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