BREAKING NEWS: Judge Says Rauner Illegally Withheld PA Raises

DORS 48 Cents GroupWe have some excellent, breaking news to share – WE WON our lawsuit against Governor Rauner regarding the $.48 raise for Personal Assistants and Maintenance Home Health workers! The judge just ruled that Rauner broke the law by illegally withholding our $.48 raises since last August 5, 2017.

The judge agreed with us that when the General Assembly passed their budget last summer and included a $.48 raise for Personal Assistants and Maintenance Home Health workers that the governor had to follow the law and pay it.

Since he refused, the State owes PAs and Maintenance Home Health workers back pay for every hour worked since August 5, 2017 when the raise was supposed to take effect, and the judge ruled today that the State must pay up by March 21, 2018.

While this is a huge victory for us, Rauner can try to appeal the judge’s order. We all know that the Rauner administration cannot be dors raises victorytrusted to do what is right or to follow the law so we are ready to continue this fight if it comes to that. 

Hundreds of PAs and consumers have taken action over the last several months to keep the pressure on Rauner and our hard work has paid off. Rauner has held our raises for seven long months and finally today we are vindicated in court. 

Congratulations to every PA and Maintenance Home Health worker. This fight may not be over so stay tuned for more updates. 

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