Member Spotlight: Margie Hoffa

Margaret “Margie” Hoffa has been an active member of our union and has embodied what is possible when taking an active role in her hospital and the social justice movement.

She began her career in healthcare in Corpus Christi, TX, in the 1970’s starting in the dietary department and quickly made
the transition to the pharmacy. After several years working as a Pharmacy Technician in Texas, Margie moved back to the Kansas City area in the 90’s and continued her pharmacy career at Menorah Medical Center in Overland Park, KS where she still works today.

She was promoted to the Pharmacy Buyer in 2005 and has been a valued employee at the facility. Margie was instrumental in theMargie Hoffa, MMC, Pharmacy
union drive at Menorah ensuring that her coworkers have a more even playing field with management. While Margie was active in the election campaign, she also went on leave for four months immediately after the election talking to her fellow healthcare workers about why being involved is so important. She was elected to the bargaining team for the first and second contracts and also was elected as a union steward by her coworkers at Menorah.

According to Margie, “Being on the bargaining team was one of the proudest moments I’ve had as an active union member because you are fighting for the best improvements you can for those who you work side by side with.” Margie also takes pride
in her involvement with the Fight for $15 campaign because, “It’s about raising all workers in this country up!”

Many have seen her getting involved and taking action, and as a result Margie was elected to the SEIU HCII Executive Board and has been a dedicated advocate for workers in Missouri. As part of her duties on the Executive Board, she helps to advise and direct the overall policy of our union.

Margie has done it all –from volunteering on campaigns, assisting in union organizing drives, attending lobby days, and representing us in meetings in New York and California.

If there is any wisdom that Margie would like to pass on to other union members or potential members, it is that ‘people need to get involved’ and ‘you need to know your contract’ so you can be prepared to act in the best interest of yourself and your co-workers.

Besides being an active member of the union, Margie is also a mother of two and has a new grandson Owen out in Colorado. When not protecting her fellow workers’ rights, she can be found listening to the cheering crowd at Royal’s games and enjoying time with her pets. Margie is a great example of what is possible when a member gets involved to lead our union and sets the standard in Kansas City.

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