Raoul will fight the good fight for Illinois citizens

Election Night Victory Kwame Raoul_580

CHICAGO–The following statement was released by SEIU Healthcare Illinois President Gregory Kelley regarding the Primary Election Night victory of State Senator Kwame Raoul to represent the Democratic Party in the November race for Illinois Attorney General:


“We are pleased that the Illinois electorate agrees with us, that Sen. Kwame Raoul is the best candidate to represent the Democratic Party in the November election for State’s Attorney General.

“We endorsed Sen. Raoul because we know he will fight for us and our core values of economic, racial and immigrant justice for all, not just the powerful few. In this era of Donald Trump, a right-leaning U.S. Supreme Court and Republican control of Congress, Illinois needs a candidate who will stand as a last line of defense for working families and the most vulnerable in our society who are easy targets of the regressive Trump agenda.

“We believe Sen. Raoul will be an attorney general who will fight to protect the rights of women and be their champion in combatting sexual harassment and assault that has been taking place across the workplace and even in Springfield.

“Lastly, Raoul’s experiences have shaped his philosophy on life, making him a leading progressive voice in Illinois politics and a leader on healthcare issues. Whether it’s fighting wage theft by unscrupulous employers, protecting consumers from fraud or protecting access to affordable healthcare, we know that Sen. Raoul, a cancer survivor, will represent the law that is of, for and by the people to protect the people.”


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