Rauner to Appeal Decision on 48-cent Raises for Personal Assistants

Last week, we reported that a Cook County Judge sided with us, ruling that Gov. Rauner broke the law by refusing to release our 48-cent raises and our back pay that’s owed since August 5, 2017. The judge ordered that Rauner pay it out by today, March 21. 

Unfortunately, Rauner has no interest in doing the right thing or following the law, so he is appealing the Judge’s decision. The Rauner administration has also asked the Judge to stay the Court’s ruling pending appeal, and the Judge has granted a temporary stay while the Court considers the request. This means our back pay and the implementation of our raises will be delayed again.  

The first hearing on Rauner’s request to stay the decision pending appeal is scheduled for April 16 and we are ready to fight to ensure that our rights are protected! These raises belong to us and we are going to make sure we get every penny that we are owed.

In the meantime, take action by clicking here and signing the petition to Governor Rauner demanding that he stop these delays and pay out our raises!

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