Prop A: Wrong for Missouri!

KC Defeat Prop A 2

Every union member in Missouri needs to commit to vote NO on Prop A on Tuesday, August 7. Prop A would make Missouri a “Right-to-Work” state, and studies show that workers in RTW states earn lower wages, struggle with higher healthcare costs, and have less safe working environments. Prop A threatens our job security, our wages, and benefits because it is an attempt to dismantle unions, making it harder for struggling families to make ends meet.

We have the power to stop Prop A, but it will take all of us stepping up. We must talk to our coworkers, friends, neighbors, and family about what is at stake and help turnout as many voters as possible on Tuesday, August 7 to vote NO on Prop A!

There are a lot of ways to get involved in this important campaign! Our union is hosting canvasses, phone banks, and more so do your part and join our movement to defeat Prop A. Call our SEIU Member Resource Center at 866-933-7348 to sign up for a canvass or phone bank shift today.

MO Vote NO on Prop A 18.6.27

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