Prop A? No Way! Missouri Workers Celebrate Resounding Defeat of Radical Proposition A Agenda

Broad coalition vows to beat back any future attempts to lower wages and hurt workers


SAINT LOUIS – Missouri voters beat back extremists’ radical attacks on workers Tuesday with a sound defeat of Proposition A, which sought to make Missouri a so-called “right to work” state. Missouri SEIU Healthcare members talked to thousands of their neighbors and co-workers during the campaign, gathering signatures, knocking on doors, and calling voters to spread the word about the harmful effects Proposition A would have on our families and communities.

“This is a true victory not only for my union, but for all working families in Missouri,” said Brenda Davis, SEIU Healthcare member and restorative aide at Christian Care Home. “Now, I hope that the Missouri legislature will listen to the voice of the people, and focus on issues important to working families rather than trying to attack workers with laws like ‘right-to-work.’”

“I am proud of my brothers and sisters who stepped up in this campaign,” said Alexis Straughter CNA at Royal Oaks Nursing Home. “No one hesitated when they were asked to knock on a door or make a phone call. When we stick together and stand up for our rights, we win.”







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