Heritage Care Center Workers Escalate Fight for a Fair Raise Following Victory Over Unfair Labor Practice Charges

Heritage 1

Heritage Care CNAs, CMTs, housekeepers, dietary workers, and restorative aides are escalating their fight for a fair contract that includes raises, calling on Reliant Care Management Group, which owns Heritage, to do the right thing and invest in their front line workforce.

Following several months of negotiations last winter, Heritage Care abruptly backpedaled on their previous proposals containing pay raises, and shifted to demands for a three-year wage freeze, with no increase in starting rates and no raises. Heritage is still holding to its regressive proposal, even though the state has budgeted a rate increase for services and, according to cost reports, the company and its related entities appear to be generating a healthy profit.

In response, SEIU Healthcare Missouri filed unfair labor practice (ULP) charges against the employer, and a settlement was reached stating management has an obligation to share financial information to justify their regressive wage proposal.

Following the ULP victory, workers organized a community rally to take their message directly to Reliant Care corporate headquarters, targeting owner Richard DeStefane. Based on 2017 Medicaid cost reports, Reliant Care Management Company has a total revenue of $122.5 million from nursing homes they own and other related entities, with owner DeStefane earning the maximum compensation allowed under Missouri Medicaid laws.

“We aren’t asking to earn anywhere near as much as Mr. DeStefane, we’re just asking for a fair raise so we can support our families and try to build a better future for our children,” said Paula Simpson-Johnson, a CNA who has worked at Heritage for twenty years. “This fight is for our dignity, our loved ones, and for our residents because when our wages are stagnant, turnover increases and that hurts the quality of care that we can deliver.”

Workers are committed to take their fight for a fair contract with raises wherever they have to in order to get what they deserve. We’ve got your backs, Heritage Care SEIU members!

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