Mary, Queen and Mother Nursing Home Workers Demand Respect for their Seniority


150 front-line nursing home workers at Mary, Queen and Mother Center in St. Louis are standing up for their seniority. Despite years of service to the Center, many long-term employees are making less than new employees hired in the last year.

“We are pleased that our newly-hired coworkers are earning higher wages, but there must be equity that ensures that those of us with years of service at Mary, Queen and Mother see our seniority valued on our paychecks as well,” said Lavetta Richardson a CMT and CNA who has worked at the Center for ten years.

The Center has been plagued with staffing shortages, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last year on outside staffing agencies to continue operations in lieu of high turnover rates.

Workers recently held a community rally to call on the Archdiocese of St. Louis to get involved to help settle the dispute, teaming up with the Jobs with Justice Faith Labor Alliance to deliver a strong message.

Workers hope the Archdiocese of St. Louis can lend support in finding a positive resolution to address the wage disparities. Ensuring that all employees, new and long-term, receive a fair wage is the right thing to do, and can help alleviate costly staffing shortages and turnover at the Center.

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