Tichina Haywood Gives Passionate Speech at “Women’s March to the Polls” Rally in Chicago

Tichina WomensMarch02(October 13th, 2018, Chicago) –– Tichina Haywood, a CNA at Swedish Covenant Hospital in Chicago, and a single Mom, told her personal story trying to live on $12.67 an hour at the “March to the Polls” rally in front of tens of thousands of attendees and called on working families everywhere to vote early in this year’s midterm election.

Tichina specifically called out Gov. Bruce Rauner for his veto of a $15 an hour minimum wage bill. She noted that democratic gubernatorial candidate J.B. Pritzker joined her and other hospital workers at a roundtable discussion about how low-wage hospital workers are demanding fairness and respect from the hospital industry. At the event Pritzker renewed his pledge to sign a $15 minimum wage law when he’s elected to support all low-wage workers across Illinois.

Watch Tichina Haywood’s speech right now:

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