Victory in Illinois

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We did it! Ever since Bruce Rauner began his attacks on our programs and jobs after taking the Governor’s office in 2015, we have been fighting back to undo the damage AND to make sure he was a one-term Governor.

And last night, we WON! We voted Bruce Rauner out by a historic margin and voted in J.B. Pritzker, a proven ally who is committed to the things we care about–a living wage of at least $15 for all of Illinois, union rights and dignity and respect for all workers.

This election was also about growing our programs–with funding to expand them for all who need them, and affordable and accessible healthcare, and racial and immigration justice.

We also elected Kwame Raoul, a true advocate for racial and immigration justice, as our next Illinois Attorney General. And across the state, we won the legislative seats we needed to secure a veto-proof supermajority.
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This victory belongs to all of our members and our allies across the state. It’s not just that we turned out to vote–that was crucial. But it was also HOW we got out so many people to vote. We knocked on doors, made phone calls, rallied, spoke out at press conferences and turned out our friends, neighbors, family members and coworkers to vote.

Now, we’re looking forward to a much brighter 2019. We can stop fighting to just hold onto to what we’ve got–and start fighting to build, expand and grow our programs, our wages, and the resources and rights that our families and communities need.

Today, I hope you’ll take some time to celebrate our shared victory and reflect on the role you played in making it possible.

Tomorrow and in the coming weeks and months, it will be time for us to start engaging in the next fight for more funding, higher wages, expanded services and a stronger union voice for all Illinois workers.

It’s going to be one heckuva fight, because as last night taught us…when we FIGHT, we WIN!

With deep appreciation and solidarity,

Greg Kelley
President, SEIU Healthcare Illinois

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