Metro South Hospital Bargaining Update: We Won Our Grievance On Premium Pay When Our Workers Were Short-Staffed!

From left: Carrietta Seastrunk, a Metro South transport filed a grievance with a steward, Cassandra Latimer, a CNA at Metro South.

From left: Carrietta Seastrunk, a Metro South transport worker, filed a grievance with a steward, Cassandra Latimer, a CNA to demand that Management give workers their premium pay.

Metro South Management wasn’t paying our workers premium pay while we were being short-staffed. We filed a grievance and won!

That’s the Union difference and why we must demand that Management follow and honor our contract!

(January 14th, 2019) – In September 2018, Carrietta Seastrunk, a transport worker, approached our steward, Cassandra Latimer, to file a grievance claiming that Management was violating our contract by not paying workers “premium pay” while we were being short staffed.

An investigation revealed that at least three departments, Emergency, Laundry and the Lab were not accurately recording when departments were short staffed, and therefore not paying our workers our “premium pay.”

Short staffing continues to be a major issue for our workforce which forces us to pick-up a substantial workload so hospitals can cut costs at the expense of providing quality patient care.

As a result of one worker stepping forward and filing a grievance, we were able to win back an estimated $4,000 in back pay to the Emergency Department alone. This is money that is EARNED by our workers at Metro South and who demonstrate our work ethic, dedication to our patients, and commitment to providing quality patient care.

It’s also yet another reason why having a strong Union, and holding Management accountable to follow our contract is absolutely essential.

Join us at our next bargaining sessions on Northwestern Button_sticker_round_My_Contract_Our_Fight_HCII_logo

Monday, Feb. 4th and Tuesday, the 5th!

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