After Mado Buena Park Owner Chases His Unfair Labor Practices with an Illegal Lockout of Striking Workers, Elected and Community Leaders Join Together to Support “The MADO 8”

Afternoon Press Conference Will Highlight Owner Peter O’Brien’s Union-Busting and Illegal Retaliation Against Workers and the Impact of His Illegal and Dangerously Low Staffing Levels Upon Mado Buena Park Residents


CHICAGO, IL—In response to Mado Buena Park owner Peter O’Brien’s decision to illegally lockout eight striking certified nursing assistants—who were on strike protesting his illegal and retaliatory labor practices—elected leaders, political candidates and community leaders will gather in force this afternoon at 3 p.m. to declare their support for strikers and express concern for the impact of the lockout on the facility’s vulnerable residents.

O’Brien’s decision to lock out “the Mado 8”—the small but hardworking group of certified nursing assistants who provide the vast majority of hands-on care to the severely mentally ill residents of Mado Buena Park—is bare-faced union-busting. The workers went on strike on MLK Day to protest management’s unfair labor practices that were in themselves a retaliation against workers for daring to demand both fair wages in line with Chicago standards for the industry and affordable healthcare.

When workers decided to return to work after three days on strike—motivated largely by concern for residents who depend upon their care and reports that O’Brien had illegally failed to provide sufficient care in their absence—they were met with notice that they were illegally being locked out.

Speakers at today’s press conference will detail O’Brien’s “bullying” treatment of these eight certified nursing assistants and contract that with his treatment of the larger bargaining unit of 67 workers at Mado Uptown, who enjoy a more favorable contract including the health coverage that “the Mado 8” have sought in bargaining.

Community mental health advocates will also address the impact that O’Brien’s decision to lockout these workers is having on residents—as well as how Mado Buena Park’s usual staffing levels, even with the certified nursing assistants on the job, is less than half that legally required for care of this vulnerable population.

Elected leaders and community supporters join Mado Buena Park workers for a press conference, to express their support following ownership illegally locking the workers out, and address care issues for Mado Buena Park residents who are being denied their legally required level of care


Thursday, January 24, 2019

3:00 PM


Outside Mado Buena Park
940 W. Cullom Ave., Chicago, IL 60613

The workers began their unfair labor practice strike on MLK Day to protest management’s illegal surveillance of union activity and the illegal implementation of management’s last offer in bargaining. Additionally, workers are demanding both affordable healthcare and a living wage in line with the standard industry wage for the Chicago area.

Given that, before O’Brien first retaliated against workers, the only major source of disagreement preventing a contract settlement was his refusal to provide affordable health insurance coverage to workers at roughly the same or even lower cost as existing coverage, it’s clear that O’Brien’s actions towards these certified nursing assistants is motivated not by any cost-savings concerns, but rather a desire to strip them of their union.


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