The St. Louis Municipal Election is March 5: Let’s Move Our City Forward!

We have a great opportunity to move the city of St. Louis forward in the March 5 municipal election.

SEIU Healthcare Missouri recommends the following leaders, who are all committed to standing up for workers, closing the Workhouse, and fighting misguided attempts to privatize the St. Louis airport.

Megan Green, Board of Alderman President







Jamilah Nasheed, Board of Alderman President

Jamilah Nasheed






Sam Moore, Ward 4

Christine Ingrassia, Ward 6

Annie Rice, Ward 8

Pat Hickey, Ward 10

Larry Arnowitz, Ward 12

Tony Pecinovsky, Ward 14

Darryl Gray, Ward 18

Cara Spencer, Ward 20

Tonya Finley McCaw, Ward 22

Bret Narayan, Ward 24

Leata Price-Land, Ward 26

Heather Navarro, Ward 28

Tuesday, March 5 is our chance to make our voices heard by electing leaders who will fight for us and our families. You can vote early by requesting an absentee ballot before February 20 or in person by March 4. Click here to learn more about absentee voting.

We hope you will join us in supporting these champions at the polls on Tuesday, March 5. Click here to find your polling location.

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