New Trump Rule Aims to Silence Personal Assistants but We Will Not Be Deterred

Trump Administration Follows Through & Institutes Rule to End Paycheck Dues Deduction for Personal Assistants

On May 6, 2019, the Trump administration released a new rule that is a transparent attempt to deny home care workers like Personal Assistants our choice to join together in our union. We believe this is a racist, sexist attack against working women that is meant to stop us from uniting to improve our jobs and the care we provide for people with disabilities.

For now, nothing is changing. Our union dues will continue to come out of our paychecks as they always have until the rule is fully implemented. When the change does take place, we will notify everyone as far in advance as possible. Our union will challenge this rule in the courts and we are confident in our legal strategy.

We cannot and will not let this rule get in our way. We know what we can accomplish when PAs stick together and we’re ready to win more as we head into contract bargaining soon.

NOW is the time to update your union membership through the Home Care Fight Back Fund and ensure there is no interruption when this rule does go into effect. If you have not done so already, click here to protect your union membership.

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