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More than 50,000 home care workers are united in SEIU Healthcare Illinois & Indiana. Every day, we provide essential care that helps keep tens of thousands of seniors and people with disabilities healthy and in their homes and communities.
SEIU Healthcare members work as Personal Assistants in the Illinois Department of Human Services/Office of Rehabilitation Services, and as home care aides at agencies across Illinois, Indiana and Missouri. Since 1983—when home care was a minimum-wage job, with no benefits–home care workers have fought for and won living wages and healthcare for home care workers, protected quality home care for seniors and people with disabilities from state budget cuts, and to expand home care to more consumers.
Every day, more home health aides in Indiana, Illinois and Missouri are joining the growing movement of caregivers for quality home care for all consumers, and living wages, healthcare and respect for the home care workforce.

Skilled Home Health RNs and LPNs Celebrate Recent Victory as the Newest Members of SEIU HCII

On Monday, June 30, hundreds of home care LPNs and RNs on the South Side of Chicago won their union and became the newest members SEIU Healthcare Illinois Indiana. Licensed Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses at MCC, and Licensed Practical …

Our statement in response to U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Harris v. Quinn

“We are more determined than ever that joining together in unions is the best way for home care workers to ensure the quality care for which we strive. And we are prepared to work with the leadership of our state and allies of the disability community to ensure that we continue to have a strong voice for quality home care.”

Home Care Workers Vow to Stand Up for Good Jobs and Quality Home Care in Wake of Harris v. Quinn Ruling

“They are trying to divide us and limit our power, but we won’t stop standing together for our families and our consumers,” said Flora Johnson, a home care provider from Chicago. “Before we formed our union, I made less than $6 an hour, but by uniting we are set to make $13 an hour by the end of the year. I know from experience that we are stronger together.”

Chicago Members Gather in Lawndale to Register Voters & Push for a Minimum Wage Increase

On Saturday, June 14, home care workers, child care providers, hospital and nursing home workers gathered in Lawndale at the Grace Memorial Baptist Church to kick off a summer of planned activities around registering new voters and winning an increase …

Personal Assistant Lynda Harper: Supreme Court Case Threatens Progress, But Home Care Providers & Consumers Will Not Stop Uniting for Improvements

By Lynda Harper, Illinois Personal Assistant I don’t normally follow what’s happening at our nation’s highest Court, but a decision that will be handed down in the next few weeks has got my attention. I’m a home care provider here …

Gary Mayor Karen-Freeman Wilson, health care workers, faith leaders, and experts gather to call for Medicaid expansion and a higher minimum wage

On Tuesday, April 8th, Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson led home care and hospital workers, several state representatives, health care experts, and members of the faith community in a town hall meeting to call for Medicaid expansion and a fair minimum …

Missouri SEIU Members Head to Jefferson City for Annual Lobby Day

SEIU Healthcare Missouri members traveled from both St. Louis and Kansas City for our annual Lobby Day on April 2. Nursing home workers, hospital employees, and home care providers met with lawmakers to discuss the importance of expanding Medicaid, protecting …

Healthcare workers lead the charge for Medicaid Expansion in Indiana

Following our successful rally last month, home care and hospital workers ramped up the pressure to expand Medicaid last Monday in another action at the Indiana Statehouse.

Low-Wage Home Care Workers Deliver Valentine’s Day Cards to Governor Quinn Asking Him to Support $1 Raise for Caregivers at Dept. On Aging

(February 14th 2014, Chicago) — Home care workers in the Department of Aging (DOA) delivered a large Valentine’s Day card to Governor Quinn’s office, as well as personal messages on behalf of seniors, asking him to give low-wage homecare workers …

A Historic Milestone for Chicago’s Home Care Workers

Learn more about the history of our home care members and the vital work that they do.

VIDEO: Home care workers and consumers on the steps of the Supreme Court

On January 21st, a delegation of home care workers, consumers, and allies stood together in Washington D.C. to tell the country what’s really at stake in Harris V. Quinn, a case before the Supreme Court that threatens the lives and …

Harris vs Quinn Case Before U.S. Supreme Court: Statement of Flora Johnson, Illinois Home Care Provider and Chairperson of SEIU Healthcare Illinois

(January 21, 2014, Chicago) – My name is Flora Johnson, and I’m a home care provider and chairperson of the Executive Board of SEIU Healthcare Illinois. I’m proud to be here today on behalf of 27,000 low-wage home care providers …

VIDEO: Harris v. Quinn and the future of home care in Illinois

On January 21st, the U.S. Supreme Court will consider a case that could decide whether Illinois continues to provide quality, professional home care services for 30,000 people with disabilities who would otherwise be forced into institutions. See this video and …

Supreme Court case could affect home care workers like me

My coworkers and other healthcare providers, senior citizens and people with disabilities, and the entire community are deeply concerned about the outcome of this case, and hope the Supreme Court will do the right thing.

Disability-Rights Advocates Express Concern Over Home Care Case

A case pending in the U.S. Supreme Court, Harris v. Quinn, could cause unrest for as many as 30,000 people with disabilities and the people who care for them. Disabilities-rights advocates say that these 30,000 people rely on Illinois’ home …

Press Release: Illinois Home Care Workers Respond to Supreme Court Decision to Hear Case Challenging Union Fees

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 1, 2013 CONTACT: Mike.truppa@seiuhcil.org  Today the United States Supreme Court announced that it will hear arguments in the case of Harris v. Quinn. The suit seeks to prevent SEIU Healthcare Illinois and Indiana, a union representing …

Huge Step Forward for 2 Million Home Care Providers and the People in Their Care

On September 17, President Obama announced that the 2 million home care providers across the United States will finally be extended federal overtime and minimum wage protections. Home care is now the second-fastest growing job in America, and these long …

Fight for comprehensive immigration reform continues as lawmakers head back to DC

As federal lawmakers prepare to head back to DC next week, SEIU HCII members joined allies for a press conference outside of GOP headquarters in downtown Chicago on Thursday, September 5. Business owners, community leaders, and union members spoke out …

Video: MO SEIU Members Speak Out About Their Support for the Fast Food Worker Movement

SEIU Local 1 and SEIU Healthcare Missouri members united to share their perspectives on why the expanding fast food worker’s movement matters to us, our communities, and our futures. See the video below.   Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

Members unite in Springfield to fight for program funding and fair wages for all workers

On May 16th, nearly 1000 members of SEIU HCII united in Springfield to fight for vital program funding, support for working families, and fair wages and conditions for workers in our union and beyond it.