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This election matters for working families – make a plan to VOTE!

SEIU Healthcare members can always call our Member Resource Center at 866-933-7348 for more information. Also check out our SEIU HCII “Early Voting” resource page that lists early voting dates, locations and times.

It’s more important than ever that working families get out and vote for lawmakers who will fight for working people at the local, state, and federal levels. Our Election Center is the best place to find information on the candidates, issues, and ballot questions that we’re supporting.  Members can also find out where to vote early, and to get more information.

SEIU Illinois State Council Endorsements

US Senate
Tammy Duckworth

Office of State Comptroller
Susana Mendoza

US House of Representatives
Congressional District 2, Robin Kelly

Congressional District 4, Luis Gutiérrez

Congressional District 7, Danny Davis

Congressional District, 9 Jan Schakowsky

Congressional District, 10 Brad Schneider

Cook County State’s Attorney
Kimm Foxx

State Senate
Senate District 5, Patricia Van Pelt

Senate District 19, Michael Hastings

Senate District 22, Cristina Castro

Senate District 28, Laura Murphy

Senate District 29, Julie Morrison

Senate District 31, Melinda Bush

Senate District 49, Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant

Senate District 50, Sam McCann

Senate District 52, Scott Bennett

Senate District 58, Sheila Simon

Senate District 59, Gary Forby

State Representatives

House District 3, Luis Arroyo

House District 4, Cynthia Soto

House District 5, Juliana Stratton

House District 6, Sonya Harper

House District 7, Emanuel Chris Welch

House District 8, LaShawn Ford

House District 22, Michael Madigan

House District 26, Christian Mitchell

House District 29, Thaddeus Jones

House District 33, Marcus Evans

House District 38, Al Riley

House District 40, Jaime Andrade

House District 43, Anna Moeller

House District 46, Deborah Conroy

House District 55, Martin Moylan

House District 56, Michelle Mussman

House District 67, Litesa Wallace

House District 71, Mike Smiddy

House District 77, Kathleen Willis

House District 79, Kate Cloonen

House District 98, Natalie Manley

House District 111, Dan Beiser

House District 117, John Bradley

House District 118, Brandon Phelps









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