Personal Assistant New Hire Orientation

As of June 1, 2013, all Personal Assistants newly hired by DORS consumers from the Rockford, Jacksonville, South Pulaski, and Chicago Heights DORS offices must register for this course after a hire date is generated.  Personal Assistants must complete this orientation within 90 days after their hire date.  PA New Hire Orientations are 2 ½ hours long and PAs will be compensated for two hours of time at their current hourly wage. Beginning in the fall of 2013, more DORS offices within Illinois will be requiring newly hired PAs to take this orientation course.  Please contact the MRC at 866-933-7348 for questions or updates about the program.

PAs eligible for the New Hire Orientation must:

  • Be newly hired by a DORS consumer on or after June 1st, 2013
  • Have not worked for a consumer of DORS for a minimum of 12 months (if acquiring a new DORS consumer after working for a different DORS consumer)
  • Have a hire/start date generated
  • Bring a copy of the first DORS pay check stub to the Orientation and turn it into the instructor

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